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Achieve More Masculine Contours with a Male Breast Reduction

When it comes to the male physique, there is nothing more embarrassing than excessively large breasts. Whether your breasts have become enlarged due to hormone issues or a battle with your weight, it can make you extremely self-conscious. All you want to do is hide your chest from the rest of the world. If you find yourself avoiding social situations and your partner because you are so unhappy with your breasts, you need to do something about it. You could give yourself a more masculine figure with a male breast reduction.

Why Choose a Male Breast Reduction?

You are not alone when it comes to issues with enlarged breasts. It’s a typical problem for men, especially anyone going through hormone treatments. If you have gained weight over the years only to lose it, that pesky fat can hang on in your breasts, making them look unnaturally large. When you have large breasts and you are a man, it can make you want to avoid any type of situation where you might have to reveal your chest. Big, baggy shirts will only make you look heavier than you are and they won’t solve the problem. If you want a solution, consider a male breast reduction.

What Happens During a Male Breast Reduction?

During a typical procedure, our plastic surgeon will remove excess fat and tissue and sculpt your remaining tissue to achieve a more masculine appearance. Be sure to follow our plastic surgeon’s recommendations concerning proper care for yourself during healing.

Reclaim Your Body

Opt for a male breast reduction and you can feel like yourself again. You will no longer have to avoid social or intimate situations. You can wear anything you want and you won’t mind looking in the mirror anymore. Take care of yourself, eat a balanced, healthy assortment of foods and exercise to maintain your flat chest.

Talk to Our Doctor About a Male Breast Reduction

You can learn more about a male breast reduction by scheduling a consultation at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Austin. Talk to our experienced plastic surgeon about your frustrations with your body. Expect a physical exam and a review of your medical records. Our plastic surgeon will want to make sure you do not have an underlying condition that could disqualify you from the procedure. If you are good to go, you can say goodbye to large breasts and hello to masculine contours with a male breast reduction. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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