Am I A Candidate for Plastic Surgery?

Modern plastic surgery is exceptionally safe when performed by an experienced, trained plastic surgeon. The statistics are clear- these procedures have excellent safety records, and you can have confidence in Dr. Erella’s ample experience.

Still, it’s important to remember that every surgical procedure carries with it certain risks. And many of these procedures are major surgeries. This means that it’s crucial you only undergo a procedure if it’s right for you.

While every procedure is unique, there are some factors that are consistent across most cosmetic surgeries. Generally speaking, you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery if:

Of course, the only way to determine for sure if you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery is to arrange a consultation with Dr. Erella. We will thoroughly evaluate the state of your physical and mental health and listen to your goals as part of a respectful conversation.

If you live in or around Austin, Texas and you’re considering plastic surgery, please call Aspira Plastic Surgery today at 512-686-0012 for a consultation.


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