Breast Reduction ? Incision Options Austin

Breast Reduction

When performing a breast reduction, your plastic surgeon will have many available incision options. Each is employed for a different reason, and each results in its own type of scar. The possibilities include anchor, lollipop, periareolar, and ??scarless.?

For the most access to internal tissue, plastic surgeons will choose an anchor incision, also known as a tradition incision. Lollipop offers a bit less access, followed by periareolar and then ??scarless.? Breast size factors into incision choice, as does the type of tissue being removed.

Find out more about your breast reduction incision options and learn which one will work best for you ?? contact our office to set up an appointment with a skilled plastic surgeon. The experienced, board-certified Dr. Venkata Erella will be pleased to help you attain your plastic surgery goals.

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