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Consider Hand Rejuvenation | Austin, TX Plastic Surgery

When you think about the parts of your body that might be good candidates for plastic surgery, your hands are probably not at the front of your mind. While this is understandable, the fact is that many Austin-area residents could benefit from at least considering a hand rejuvenation.

Think of how prominent your hands are in your day-to-day interactions with other people. You shake their hands. You gesticulate while you talk. You hold the hand of a romantic partner. Your hands are important.

And they’re also vulnerable to the signs of age and wear, which means when you shake someone’s hand, you might be giving off the appearance of age and weariness. This is less than ideal.

With a hand rejuvenation, Dr. Erella can eliminate:

The end result will be a pair of hands you’ll be happy to show off.

Hand rejuvenation treatment options include:

Which treatment is right for you? That depends on your specific needs and goals. We’ll help you choose the right path.

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more about hand rejuvenation or other plastic surgery in the Austin, Texas area, please call Aspira Plastic Surgery today at 512-686-0012 for a consultation.

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