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We’ve all heard of the mommy makeover where mothers turn to plastic surgery to restore their pre-baby bodies. Well, men now have the “daddy do-over” to combat the “dad bod.” While men don’t experience the physical changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth, their lifestyles can change dramatically with fatherhood. Together with the natural aging process, they may find they no longer look and feel the way they did in college or their 20s, which can begin to affect their personal and professional lives.

As a result of this process, men are turning to a combination of male face and body plastic surgery procedures, giving them a daddy do-over to enhance their physical contour and facial appearance. The daddy do-over offered by Dr. Venkata Erella in Austin, TX, addresses the aging and body concerns many men face during and after fatherhood, allowing them to regain the bodies they had in their youth.

What Is a Daddy Do-Over?

Just because you are a father doesn’t mean that you have to accept having a “dad bod.” Changes in sleep, diet, exercise, and increased stress all arrive with parenthood, causing premature aging of the face and tissue laxity of the body.

A daddy do-over uses a combination of male plastic surgery and noninvasive procedures to target the areas that are most likely to have undergone changes. Men in their 30s or 40s who are struggling to lose weight or are dissatisfied with the effects of aging and gravity benefit the most from these procedures.

What Are the Benefits of a Daddy Do-Over?

In their new roles as fathers, dads find it is not always easy to set aside time for themselves. Activities like going to the gym, eating a balanced diet, or taking a few minutes to relax and unwind seem like a far-off dream. Over time, the gradual increase of wrinkles or the formation of fat pockets on the body can be emotionally challenging and decrease your self-esteem.

The male plastic surgery procedures allow dads to take some time for themselves so that they too can experience the lasting benefits provided by plastic surgery.

To find out more about daddy do-over surgery in Lakeway, Bee Cave, and Austin, TX, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Erella today!

What Can a Daddy Do-Over Offer?

Men and women deserve to feel confident, happy, and comfortable in their skin at any age.

Youthful Face

The aging process results in wrinkles, softened facial features, and unwelcome facial hollows. The demands of parenthood, including sleep deprivation and chronic stress, only add to this. Dr. Erella is proud to offer his male patients a broad range of facial rejuvenation procedures, which include:

  • Intense pulsed light therapy
  • Laser skin resurfacing with Venus VIVA
  • Skin tightening
  • Microneedling
  • HydraFacial
  • Botox®
  • Juvéderm®
  • Fat transfer

In addition to these procedures, we offer various non-surgical MedSpa treatments to enhance your appearance or complement your surgical procedure.

Tightened Midsection

Despite following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, a flabby midsection is a common feature of the “dad bod.” Dr. Erella is pleased to offer a selection of procedures that target this area of a man’s body:

Defined Chest

Some men experience an undesirable increase in breast tissue as they age. Others notice they cannot build sculpted chest muscles no matter how much weight they lift at the gym. Dr. Erella can help with an individual plan based on your aesthetic goals, including gynecomastia surgery to address this challenge.

Ready to Get Your Daddy Do-Over in Austin, TX?

Much like the mommy makeover, the results and impact of a daddy do-over typically run deeper than the physical aspect alone. In addition to restoring a patient’s physique, as a dad, you can expect an overall improvement in your self-confidence as well.

We customize each daddy do-over to our patients’ needs and cosmetic goals. If you are interested in learning more about recapturing your youthful body and appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. Venkata Erella in Austin, TX by calling Aspira Plastic Surgery at (512) 730-3885, or by requesting an appointment online to get started.