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Endoscopic Forehead Lift ? Brow Lifts Austin

Many wrinkle-reduction procedures are available these days, but some can be unnecessarily invasive. You need a procedure that??s less invasive but still effective enough to help you reach your aesthetic goals. It??s time to learn about the endoscopic forehead lift.

Like traditional forehead lifts, the endoscopic forehead lift is used to tighten the skin of the forehead and brow, easing and erasing facial wrinkles. However, unlike classic forehead lifts, it involves smaller incisions, less bleeding, and faster recovery.

Interested in learning more about the endoscopic forehead lift from a board-certified plastic surgeon? Look no further than Dr. Venkata Erella, a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Austin area. To arrange an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Erella, contact our office.

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