Excess Skin After Weight Loss | Austin, Texas

At Aspira Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, we field questions about all sorts of topics. One such topic is weight loss and its effects. If you’ve lost a lot of weight quickly, you may be experiencing excess skin or sagging skin in areas such as your arms or your belly. Excess skin occurs during and after weight loss because of the elasticity of your skin.

The younger and more elastic your skin, the better it is able to ??snap back? to its original shape. Older skin is not as elastic and may have more trouble adjusting to your new size.

Excess skin is also a side effect of losing weight quickly. A rate of losing one or two pounds per week is an ideal. This rate gives your skin a better chance at coping with the weight loss and adjusting to its new size and shape. Losing a lot of weight quickly, as happens in some of the television weight loss shows, doesn’t give your skin the necessary time to shrink along with your body.

If you’ve found you have excess skin after weight loss that is becoming more than a nuisance, such as skin that is chafing and causing infections, there are post-bariatric procedures that Dr. Venkata Erella can recommend and perform.

Discovering which procedure is right for you requires a thorough, professional examination. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation that fits with your busy schedule.

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