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Facelift Recovery ? Post-Operative Care Austin

We all develop signs of aging as the years pass. Lines and wrinkles accompany drooping skin to change our faces into tired-looking versions of themselves. With a facelift procedure, you can turn back the clock and give yourself the youthful look you deserve! After this rejuvenating procedure, you will need to experience a period of facelift recovery.

As part of your facelift recovery, it will be vital to make sure that your head is elevated at all times and as still as possible. This will lower the risk of complications, keep post-operative swelling at a minimum, and shorten your necessary recovery time. Continue this for at least three days or as recommended by your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Venkata Erella is a board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients. Find out more about the facelift recovery process ?? contact our office and schedule an informative consultation.

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