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Fat Transfer ? Facial Fat Grafting Austin

Does the sight of new facial wrinkles and folds make you wrinkle your nose in disgust? Take care of these unwelcome signs of aging with the help of a fat transfer. This cutting-edge procedure relocates fat cells to fill deep and shallow wrinkles.

Crow??s feet, marionette lines, glabellar lines, and the nasolabial folds are just some of the wrinkles that can be lessened and erased with fat transfer. If areas on your upper and lower face are suffering from wrinkles, this may be the perfect injection-based procedure for you.

Find out more about the fat transfer method of wrinkle filling today with a call or email to the office of Dr. Venkata Erella. Dr. Erella is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the skills needed to fill those wrinkles effectively. Contact our office to arrange a consultation.

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