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Give Your Bust a Boost with Breast Augmentation

You look in the mirror and you see one part of your figure that needs a change. You’re talking about your breasts. You never developed the full chest that you have always wanted. You have tried experimenting with support bras and clothing that creates the illusion of cleavage, but those temporary measures simply aren’t enough. You want a larger, full set of breasts. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa may be able to assist you with breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation is All About You

When you opt for breast augmentation, you are making the decision to give nature a helping hand. You are not alone. If there is something about your body that disappoints you, our talented plastic surgeon can help. You get to decide which direction you want to go. This especially holds true with breast augmentation.

Think about how large you want your breasts to be. If one breast is larger than the other, our plastic surgeon can address that issue. You can even have your breasts lifted into a perky position if you are dealing with drooping, too. Breast implants are available in saline or silicone. Each type of implant has its positive features. Our surgeon can assist you in determining which will be right for you. You have many decisions to make and your input is expected. Your procedure is intended to make you feel good about yourself.

Is Breast Augmentation the Right Choice for You?

When you opt for breast augmentation, you are choosing to alter your body, and you need to be ready for that. You also need to be prepared for the healing process. If you intend to lose weight, it may change the appearance of your implants. When you are sure that your body is not going to go through any significant changes, it’s time to explore breast augmentation.

Make an Appointment to Discuss Breast Augmentation

At Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa, our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Erella, is ready to guide you through every step of the breast augmentation process in order to put your mind at ease. During a consultation, we will discuss all of your options and any concerns that you may have about changing the shape and size of your breasts. You will be in good hands with our skilled surgeon. Set up a consultation at our office in Austin to determine if you are a good candidate for this popular procedure. Thanks to breast augmentation, you can finally have the breasts that will make you happy. Contact us today to book your appointment to learn more.

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