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How Can Breast Revision Surgery Benefit Me?

When you had breast implant surgery, you had a clear vision of what you wanted. You were ready to increase the volume of your bust to enhance your figure. However, you may change your mind over time. You may also find yourself running into problems with your implants after your procedure. Whether breast augmentation results were not what you expected, you had complications, or you simply want a change, breast revision surgery could benefit you. It is a matter of personal preferences and what will make you happy with your body. Our plastic surgeon can be your guide to breast revision options.

Choose Breast Revision Surgery When You’re Dealing with Complications

There are instances in which you may run into problems with your breast implants. Capsular contracture is a common problem in which bands of scar tissue form around breast implants. This can cause your implants to shift, pulling them closer together or spreading them further apart until they have an odd appearance. You may also feel a hardening of your breasts that can be extremely uncomfortable. If you are a victim of this complication, our plastic surgeon can correct the issue during breast revision surgery. Leakage is also typical with saline and silicone implants. If you are the victim of leakage, our plastic surgeon can replace the damaged implant to restore the appearance of your bust.

Consider Breast Revision Surgery When You’re Ready for a Change

The truth of the matter is that you really won’t know how you feel about your breast implants until you have the procedure. You can imagine what it will be like, but you have to experience it to find out if you are going to be happy with your results. When your procedure is done and you have completely healed, you may feel that you really would like your breasts to be larger or smaller. You may spend years satisfied with your breast augmentation only to change your mind later. Weight loss or weight gain may affect your figure and the appearance of your bust. Regardless of the reason, our plastic surgeon can address any concerns with breast revision surgery. The main goal is to tailor any procedure to meet your personal needs and make you satisfied with the outcome.

Ask Our Plastic Surgeon About Breast Revision Surgery Today

If you are ready for a change with your breast implants, our plastic surgeon is your go-to source for a solution. The first step is to come in for your consultation visit at Aspira Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Austin. Our plastic surgeon will assess your existing implants and discuss your concerns. Explain your goals for your breast revision surgery and what you want to see. Once you have settled on the best course of treatment for you, your personalized procedure will be set in motion to improve the appearance of your bust.

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