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How Does BOTOX Work? | Austin, Texas

At Aspira Plastic Surgery, we believe in answering patients’ questions and doing everything we can to ensure you’re a well-informed consumer. We want you to understand your procedures- we find this decreases stress and contributes to a more satisfying and relaxed experience.

When it comes to BOTOX??, you might be curious to learn how the procedure works. A BOTOX?? injection will tighten your skin and eliminate wrinkles and other imperfections, but how does it do that?

The secret lies in your muscles. Wrinkles are essentially caused by muscle contractions. Any individual contraction is harmless, but over the course of your life you will undergo literally countless numbers of these contractions. Over time, this causes wrinkles and creases to show on your face.

Your muscles contract when the nerves within them receive signals from the brain telling them to contract. BOTOX??, which is a safe, medically engineered version of the botulinum toxin, works by blocking the nerves under your skin from receiving these signals.

You nerves don’t receive the signals, which means they can’t tell your muscles to contract. Your muscles don’t contract, which means your skin will relax and smooth out. The effect is temporary, but you can return to our office for another treatment once the initial BOTOX?? injection wears off.

If you live in Austin, Texas and you think BOTOX?? might be right for you, please call Aspira Plastic Surgery today at 512-686-0012.

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