Improve the Overall Appearance of Your Vagina with Cosmetic Gynecology

There are many things that you can personally do to enhance your body. You can eat right and you can get plenty of exercise. You can take supplements and get your beauty sleep. However, there is one part of your body that you can’t change on your own. It is a part of yourself that you may be too embarrassed to talk about with a doctor. It’s your vagina.

As the years go by, your vagina goes through some serious changes. Between your regular menstrual cycle, giving birth and hormonal fluctuations, you may feel like this sensitive part of your body has been put through the wringer. The end result can be excess skin that hangs out between your legs, chafing and becoming irritated. It can affect your confidence in yourself and your intimacy with your partner. Cosmetic gynecology can help you take care of this sensitive problem.

How Cosmetic Gynecology Can Help

Cosmetic gynecology involves seeing a doctor to improve the overall appearance of your vagina. This can also improve how your vagina feels. If there is an issue with excess tissue that affects the inner or outer lips of your vagina, our plastic surgeon can remove it. Whether you have had issues develop with the skin of your vagina over time or you have always had too much skin on this part of your body, you don’t have to live with the discomfort and embarrassment. All too often, women ignore this problem and find themselves avoiding certain clothes because they are afraid the excess skin will create an unsightly bulge. They put up with the raw and irritated skin that rubs against their garments. You don’t have to be that person anymore.

Take Advantage of Procedures that are Tailored to Suit Your Needs

When you come in to talk to our plastic surgeon, he will evaluate your body and discuss what needs to be done to help you. Labiaplasty involves altering the appearance of the vagina by removing the excess tissue and re-sculpting the remaining tissue. Other treatments use the application of laser energy to the inner and/or outer tissue of the vagina to have a tightening effect that also brings about the production of healthy cells in the vagina. You may benefit from a combination of procedures. Only you and our experienced plastic surgeon will be able to determine the best course of action to take for you.

Learn More About Cosmetic Gynecology

Stop living in discomfort and embarrassment with your vaginal problems. Set up a time to sit down and talk with Dr. Erella at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa about the issues that you have been experiencing. Our plastic surgeon will be your guide, evaluating your vagina and determining the best way to meet your needs through cosmetic gynecology. Discuss what will happen during your vaginal procedure and what kind of recovery you can expect. Any downtime will be worth the relief when your vagina has healed. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Austin.