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Increase Self-Confidence with a Breast Augmentation

The medical community uses the general term breast augmentation to refer to cosmetic surgery designed to improve the shape, position, volume or aesthetics of the breasts. This family of surgeries includes lifts, reconstructions, reductions and enhancements, with or without implants. Heralded as the most-requested elective aesthetic surgery in the United States for much of the past two decades, augmentations have the potential to raise a woman’s self-esteem and confidence, depending on her individual needs and desires. How these surgeries change lives hinges on the individual’s concept of self and how she feels about her bust, as well as the final results.

More specifically speaking, breast augmentation refers to breast enlargement. It is typically performed using breast implants that are made of either silicone or saline. Women who seek this procedure usually feel like their breasts are too small.

The Size of the Bust

Confidence can be impacted by the size of a woman’s bust, whether it’s too small or too large. Small breasts can bring about feelings of never having properly matured or looking too masculine. While none of these opinions are necessarily true, feelings are facts when speaking of their effects on a person’s confidence. Too-small breasts can be addressed by breast augmentation, bringing the woman’s expectations of the “perfect” size to fruition. Thanks to breast augmentation, a woman’s view of the ideal can be reached.

The Height of the Breasts on the Chest Wall

Some women have naturally low breasts from puberty, especially if she has a long torso or is tall. Other women experience sagging or drooping after pregnancy and breastfeeding or a big weight loss. Regardless of the reason, a low bust can make a woman view her breasts with a disappointed eye. She may think her low bust makes her look old and matronly, or that the lowness throws off the aesthetics of her silhouette. A breast augmentation can also be combined with a lift procedure to raise the breasts, giving her the perky bosom she wants.

Increasing Your Self-Confidence

When it comes to confidence and self-esteem, our feelings about our bodies become facts. If you are unhappy with your bust and believe it’s having a deleterious effect on your life, schedule an appointment at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Austin. We’d be happy to help you reach your aesthetic goals with breast augmentation. Achieving your dream bust may be a whole lot simpler than you’d once thought. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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