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Juvederm Dermal Filler ? Facial Revitalization Austin

The face accrues a number of lines and wrinkles with the passage of time. Happily, there is a non-surgical method of correcting these lines and attaining smooth skin. To restore a youthful and wrinkle-free appearance, consider Juvederm dermal filler treatments.

One of the benefits of the Juvederm dermal filler injection process is that Juvederm contains its own anesthetic. Rather than administering anesthetic separately beforehand, the physician delivers a numbing agent called lidocaine into the area with each injection of Juvederm. This helps avoid any discomfort.

Dr. Venkata Erella, a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Austin area, will be pleased to help you reach your beauty goals. To make an appointment to find out more about Juvederm dermal filler, contact our office.

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