Aspira Plastic Surgery in Bee Cave, TX

Unlike most large surgical practices in the country that handle hundreds of patients each day, Dr. Venkata Erella ensures that he develops a personal bond with his patients in Bee Cave. He speaks to each of his patients personally to understand their issues and recommend procedures which will help achieve their aesthetic goals. Aspira Plastic Surgery in Bee Cave is much sought after due to Dr. Erella’s compassion towards every patient and the unparalleled experience of Dr. Erella and his team.

It is our goal at Aspira Plastic Surgery to be honest in our communication about the procedures and what can and cannot be achieved with it. We strive to get each of our patients beautifully natural results and we ensure that the procedure they choose is safe for them. We also believe in optimum aftercare and stay with you throughout your procedure, right from the consultation to recovery and even afterwards.

Breast surgery procedures

There are many reasons why women see undesirable changes to the size, shape, volume, and contours of their breasts. Aging, genetics, pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding, and massive weight loss lead to several changes like deflated breasts, sagging, loss of volume or very large breasts. Depending on the changes you experience and your aesthetic goals, we offer a range of breast procedures at our center in Bee Cave. We can help you reduce very large breasts, lift sagging ones or increase a cup size. Whichever procedure you opt for, you can be assured of achieving perky and youthful breasts. You can choose from the following procedures:

Body surgery procedures

At Aspira Plastic Surgery in Bee Cave, several body contouring procedures are offered which target different body problems. Even when you are at your ideal weight and follow a strict diet and exercise regimen, it is possible to be struggling with certain body areas that just do not budge. You can get help to eliminate body issues like a muffin top, love handles or loose skin. Several versions of these procedures are offered by Dr. Erella like the tummy tuck for your abdomen, mommy makeover for new mothers and gynecological procedures for sensitive changes. Patients in Bee Cave can choose from the following procedures:

Facial surgery procedures

A facelift may be the most popular facial procedure out there, but we offer a range of procedures that can help enhance various facial features. Unfortunately, the first signs of aging show on your face and make you look older than how you feel. We at Aspira Plastic Surgery understand this and help you eliminate facial concerns like wrinkles, fine line, acne, and pigmentation. Dr. Erella helps with altering your ears and skin cancer screening as well. We help you with the correct and prompt diagnosis as well as naturally stunning results that you will enjoy for years. Patients in Bee Cave can choose from the following facial procedures:

Male surgery procedures

More and more men today are seeking aesthetic enhancement even though they are driven by different reasons than women. Dr. Erella understands that these procedures must be handled differently to help men achieve the subtle results they desire. Our team strives to understand your concerns and your cosmetic goals before customizing a treatment plan to help you achieve them. Men in Bee Cave can choose from these procedures:

Med spa procedures

Even though a majority of people today desire cosmetic enhancement of some feature, not everybody wants to go under the knife. Some people may not qualify for a surgical procedure at this time or may only require a small alteration that can be fulfilled with a non invasive treatment. You can also opt for our MedSpa procedures to enhance the results of a surgical procedure you had undergone earlier. These minimally invasive or non invasive procedures offer lesser downtime, lesser or nil recovery period and stunning results. Dermal fillers and neuromodulators can help enhance your facial features while laser treatments lead to natural skin tightening. Once we understand your cosmetic goals, we will discuss the best in treatments for you. Here are the procedures you can opt for at our Bee Cave center:

About Bee Cave, TX

Bee Cave is a city located in the Travis County of Texas. It was named by the early settlers for a large cave of wild bees that was found near the site. A post office opened there by the name of Bee Caves in the year of 1870. The city was incorporated only in 1987. In 2007, the Texas legislature declared the West Pole of the earth to be located in the city of Bee Cave.