SmartLipo is the next step in Liposuction techniques, and patients in Lakeway and Austin are noticing. Dr. Venkata Erella and Aspira Plastic Surgery offer this highly-effective procedure to patients hoping to get great Liposuction results and then some. There are numerous benefits to pursuing SmartLipo as your body contouring solution in Lakeway, so contact Dr. Erella and Aspira Plastic Surgery to get started with your consultation.

What is SmartLipo in Lakeway?

SmartLipo takes traditional Liposuction further by including the use of a laser system to melt away fat before it’s suctioned through a small cannula. This is ideal for a couple reasons— firstly, it allows for more effective fat removal because the cannula does less work. Secondly, it allows for smaller incisions and a less invasive technique. This means less trauma, less downtime, less scarring, and greater results from your SmartLipo procedure in Lakeway. This process also tightens the skin that’s left behind, meaning you won’t need an additional procedure.

Who is a candidate?

Patients in Lakeway who are looking to get rid of stubborn body fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise can find great results with SmartLipo. You should be at or near your idea weight and have established healthy living patterns in order to get the best results in the long term. SmartLipo is a great option for patients in Lakeway who are unwilling to undergo Liposuction and are looking for less-invasive options. SmartLipo is commonly used on the arms, back, chest, abdomen, chin, jowls, hips, love-handles, pelvic region, knees, and thighs.

What happens during a SmartLipo treatment in Lakeway?

SmartLipo can be performed in our Austin office under local anesthesia, meaning there’s no hospital stay and your recovery is reduced. After you’re comfortable and the anesthesia is administered, a small incision is made at the treatment area and the small, pen-sized laser is used to liquify the fat in order to be easily removed with the cannula. Once finished, the incisions are closed. Because of the laser-assisted technique, pain is greatly reduced, so you can be relaxed and comfortable.

What are the results and recovery like?

Most patients in Lakeway return to their daily activities within 2-3 days after SmartLipo. You’ll need to be sure and avoid any extensive activity during this time and manage any incisions. While you’ll be able to see your results within a few weeks, your contours will continue to improve over the course of the next few months.

If you’re interested in a SmartLipo procedure in the Lakeway area and want the best plastic surgeon that Austin has to offer, contact Dr. Erella and Aspira Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and begin your body contouring journey.

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