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Look Years Younger with a Facelift

The natural aging process is something that you cannot escape, but you always have the option of fighting back against the unsightly effects of aging. A facelift is one of the best weapons that you have against aging, and when performed correctly, it can make you look years younger.

The facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure, and it’s very effective for reducing the signs of aging. The procedure can give you contoured, tighter skin. Many of the worst problems caused by the aging process can be addressed and corrected by this procedure.

For example, the procedure is regularly used to treat fat deposits, sagging jowls, deep creases and sagging skin. A facelift can make you look years younger and change the underlying aspects of your face.

How a Facelift Works

The procedure is very safe, and it will work well for most adults. Before the procedure begins, anesthesia will be used to make you feel comfortable. The precise techniques that we use will depend on your cosmetic goals.

A typical procedure consists of sculpting your skin, tissue and fat, and the major area that is treated is the face. The tissues and muscles are lifted, and large amounts of excess skin are removed.

What Problems Can Be Treated?

There are several different problems that can be addressed by a facelift, and some of the top problems are jowls, loss of skin elasticity, loss of contours, deep creases and loss of muscle tone. Most of these issues occur around the neck and face, which is why the facelift works well for correcting them. A modern procedure offers significantly better results than past procedures, and it can dramatically alter your appearance for the better.

The Benefits of Getting a Facelift

Before undergoing this procedure, most patients want to know how they can benefit. Since this surgery can help to reduce the signs of aging, it works well for tightening facial muscles. Over time, the underlying structures within your face begin to weaken and start sagging.

Before the loose skin can be tightened, the underlying structures must be changed. After the structured have been fixed, less tension is placed on your skin, and the results from the procedure will last much longer.

One of the major benefits of getting a facelift is the repair of loose skin. During the procedure, sagging skin is removed and tightened, which restores a natural, youthful appearance. This procedure can tighten your skin, but it won’t be overtightened, which can cause your face to have a pulled appearance.

A facelift is particularly beneficial for improving facial contours, and it can restore a smooth appearance to your lower eyelids and cheeks. It can even reduce jowls and contour your jawline. If you want to look years younger, a facelift can help you do it. Make an appointment at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa so that our team can assess your face and help you determine if this is the right procedure for you.

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