Male Reduction Mammaplasty ? Austin Periareolar Incision

During a gynecomastia consultation, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your chest area and measure your excess breast tissue. The amount of male glandular breast tissue a patient has partially determines the type of incision the plastic surgeon will make for their male reduction mammaplasty procedure.

For patients with a moderate amount of male glandular breast tissue, a periareolar incision pattern may be recommended. This pattern is created around the outside of the patient??s areola during male reduction mammaplasty. Once it??s been made, the plastic surgeon is free to remove the unnecessary tissues.

More or less breast tissue may necessitate a different incision pattern. To find out more about this and other male reduction mammaplasty topics, contact our office and make an appointment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Venkata Erella has years of experience and will be happy to help.

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