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Mastopexy Recovery ? Breast Lift Healing Austin

For perky breasts that do not suffer from excessive sagging, consider the mastopexy, or breast lift, procedure. This aesthetic procedure is able to trim away breast skin to reshape and raise the breasts. Mastopexy recovery is an important part of the procedure.

In order to let your breast tissues heal and conform to their new locations, you will need to rest and take time off from your usual daily tasks for around one week or less following mastopexy surgery. The mastopexy recovery process will continue after this period, but you will be able to get back to your typical everyday routine at the one-week point.

More instructions regarding proper mastopexy recovery practices will be given to you by Dr. Venkata Erella, a board-certified plastic surgeon, during a consultation. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Erella, schedule an appointment by contacting our office.

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