Dr. Venkata Erella offers a range of cosmetic procedures at the Aspira Plastic Surgery to his patients from Cedar Park. Even though most large surgical practices today handle hundreds of patients on a daily basis making your experience most impersonal, Dr. Erella is sought after for the unmatched care he offers every patient who walks in the door. He personally spends significant time with you to understand your concerns as well as talk about your aesthetic goals. This helps us customize the most suitable treatment plan for your specific requirements.

The personalized consideration and honest communication at Aspira Plastic Surgery is the reason why our patients are well aware of their achievable results and make informed decisions. It is our goal to make sure you are comfortable during your procedure and we offer supreme aftercare services which ensure you get the intended results.

Women from Cedar Park consult Dr. Erella to regain their pre-baby body and we offer the highly personalized mommy makeover procedure to help you restore desirable body contours. After pregnancy, women find several undesirable changes to different parts of their body. With the mommy makeover, we offer several surgical procedures that help contour different areas of your body so that you can enjoy your figure once again.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

Just like for any other surgical procedure, you must in good general health and be near your ideal weight before you decide to undergo the mommy makeover. It is also recommended that you opt for the procedure only when you are not planning a future pregnancy, this will ensure that you can enjoy your results for a long time. Book a consultation with Dr. Erella today so that he can help determine your candidacy for the mommy makeover and also help you understand realistic expectations from the surgery.

What Is The Mommy Makeover Procedure?

A highly personalized procedure, the mommy makeover is customized to your specific body concerns. Depending on the changes your body has undergone and the results you expect, Dr. Erella can use the following procedures during your mommy makeover surgery:

  • Breast procedures – we can use the augmentation procedure to help you regain volume and shape to your breasts using implants. If you are experiencing sagging in your breasts, the breast lift or mastopexy is the chosen procedure which lifts your breasts to their youthful position on the chest. In certain cases, Dr. Erella may even combine these procedures to give you beautiful breasts that are perky and youthful.
  • Abdominal changes – if you are struggling with excess skin and fat on your abdomen, the tummy tuck is chosen to eliminate these and give you a slimmer abdomen. Some women also experience lax abdominal muscles that have separated or become weak after pregnancy. The tummy tuck also tightens these muscles to give you a toned appearance.
  • Body contouring – liposuction is a procedure used for sculpting different body areas. It can be used as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other procedures to contour areas like the abdomen, waist, and buttocks.

Your Mommy Makeover Results

Post your surgery, you are advised to wear a support garment which reduces swelling in the area and also helps your skin conform to the new body contours. Before you leave for home, Dr. Erella will also discuss how to care for your incisions and the medicines you can take for discomfort. It is important that you follow the aftercare instructions carefully so that your recovery period is smooth and you heal well. You must also follow the schedule for all follow-up appointments where Dr. Erella ensures you are recovering as per expectations.

Our patients from Cedar Park who are considering the mommy makeover must schedule a consultation with us today!

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