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Neck Lift Procedure ? Austin Neck Rejuvenation

Have you noticed the development of a turkey-wattle-like area of hanging skin on your neck? Have you seen bands appearing on your neck? These issues are partially a result of your neck muscles becoming looser with the passage of time. A neck lift procedure can fix these problems.

When your plastic surgeon performs a neck lift procedure, they??re able to tighten the loose internal muscle tissue of the neck. This effectively smooths out the neck area, making it look more beautiful and slim. Neck bands no longer stand out on the neck, and the turkey wattle is gone.

The neck lift procedure can also remove excess fat and hanging skin from the chin, neck, and jawline. To find out how this procedure can help you, contact our office and arrange a consultation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Venkata Erella is an experienced medical professional serving the Austin area.

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