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Partial Tummy Tuck ? Abdominoplasty Procedure Austin

The lower abdomen is an area that can be victim to loose muscle tissue, excess fatty tissue, and drooping skin. To remedy this often embarrassing situation, we may recommend a partial tummy tuck procedure.

The partial tummy tuck is an effective way to recontour the abdomen. After the excess fatty tissue is removed, the drooping muscle tissue has been tightened, and the excess skin tissue has been trimmed, the remaining skin is stretched over the recontoured lower abdominal area. It??s then stitched down, closing the incision.

If you have questions regarding the partial tummy tuck or would like to get started with the partial tummy tuck process, speak with Dr. Venkata Erella, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin. For a consultation with Dr. Erella, contact our office and arrange an appointment.

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