Ear pinning surgery can be an incredibly beneficial procedure for both adults and children, helping patients to reduce the size and shape of prominent ears and improve balance and proportion between the ears and the face. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Venkata Erella, understands the terrible effects on one’s self-esteem that ear conditions can cause. He utilizes the latest techniques in ear surgery to help our patients achieve successful results and a more confident attitude about the way they look.

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What Is Ear Pinning Surgery?

Ear pinning surgery, medically referred to as otoplasty, is a very effective way to reduce the appearance of prominent ears. Particularly in childhood, having ears that appear too large and protruding out can be the source of extreme self-consciousness, which can continue into adulthood. With ear pinning surgery, Dr. Erella can reshape the ears and bring them closer to the sides of the head, providing a more balanced aesthetic to the ears and face.

Am I a Candidate?

Good candidates for ear pinning surgery are patients who are in reasonably good physical and emotional health, and those who:

  • Are affected by prominent ears that stick out too far from the sides of the head
  • Are affected by ears that are disproportionate in size or protrude on one or both sides of the head

Ear pinning surgery can be performed in both adults and children. Candidates for ear surgery may also include those who have misshapen ears; deformities due to injury, trauma, or piercings; dissatisfaction with a previous ear surgery; and those who would like ear reconstruction after cancer. For information on surgical options for these types of conditions, please contact Dr. Erella. He will be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your goals.

Ear Surgery Procedure

Ear pinning surgery generally involves the creation of a very small and discrete incision made in the back of the ear. Dr. Erella will resculpt the ear cartilage and bring the ears closer to the head. This method gives the ears a more balanced and less prominent appearance.

The entire procedure typically takes about two hours and can be performed as an outpatient.

Ear Surgery Recovery

  • You will need to wear a head wrap for about 5 to 7 days after surgery.
  • Once your head wrap is removed, Dr. Erella will provide you with a special headband to keep the ears protected during the healing process.
  • Dr. Erella will advise you to keep the ears protected from potential injury or extreme temperatures for several months after surgery.
  • Most patients can engage in light activity the day after ear surgery.
  • Dr. Erella recommends keeping your head elevated for at least one week, and that you avoid laying on the side of the head for at least two weeks.

Ear Surgery Results

While individual results will vary, many patients notice the results of ear surgery almost immediately the head wrap is removed; however, please keep in mind that it may take several weeks for all of the swelling to subside.

To discuss ear surgery options for you or your child, please call (512) 593-7699 or contact Aspira Plastic Surgery through this website to arrange a complimentary consultation. Dr. Erella serves patients throughout the Austin area, including communities like Round Rock and Lakeway.