Neck lift surgery from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Venkata Erella can give your neck a smoother, more youthful appearance and help you to feel better about the way you look. Many of us experience loose bands of skin and excess fat that can accumulate in the neck area. This loss of elasticity in the skin along the neck is typically due to recent weight loss, sun exposure, and the natural effects of aging. This can be very hard on one’s self-esteem, and cause women to be very self-conscious about their overall appearance.

Neck lift surgery can significantly rejuvenate the appearance of the neck and give the area a firmer appearance. This procedure is often very effective when combined with a facelift to provide a complete cosmetic rejuvenation. Call (512) 730-3885 to discuss your options with Dr. Erella during a complimentary consultation.

What Is a Neck Lift?

Neck lift surgery is designed to reduce inelastic skin in the neck that may be causing a wrinkled or “turkey neck” appearance. As we age, a deficiency in collagen and elastin in the area of the neck can cause the skin to sag and develop pockets of excess fat. This can be exacerbated by other factors, such as weight loss and even heredity.

A neck lift is a surgical technique that removes the inelastic skin and pulls the remaining skin taut. The results can have a positive effect on your entire facial aesthetic and make you feel more confident with the way you look.

Neck Lift Options

Dr. Erella offers traditional neck lift surgery.

Did You Know?

Dr. Venkata Erella is Fellowship-trained in aesthetic surgery and has worked with some of the most renowned surgeons in the world, including facelift and neck lift surgeon Luis O. Vasconez, MD. Dr. Erella has extensive experience with facial and neck rejuvenation procedures and can provide patients with effective treatment and natural-looking results.

Am I a Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery?

Patients who are good candidates for neck lift surgery are typically those who are in reasonably good physical and mental health. Good candidates also include:

  • Patients who have excess, inelastic skin, and bands along the neck
  • Patients who have pronounced wrinkles and sagginess in the neck
  • Patients who would like to combine neck rejuvenation with a facelift for a more comprehensive aesthetic makeover

Dr. Erella will discuss all aspects of the treatment and recovery process with you during the initial consultation.

Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is often performed in conjunction with a facelift; however, this procedure can be performed on its own as well. During neck lift surgery, Dr. Erella will remove excess skin, pull the remaining skin taut. and the neck muscles will also be tightened to aid in providing a smoother appearance to the neck. The effect typically appears very natural with results that last for years.

Neck lift surgery can be performed as an outpatient. Any residual scarring should be virtually invisible, as the incisions are made under the chin and behind the ears.

Neck Lift Recovery

  • Specific recovery details from neck lift surgery will depend on whether you undergo the surgery by itself or if it is combined with face lift surgery.
  • You will likely be able to resume normal daily routines after about one week; however, Dr. Erella will advise you to limit any strenuous activity and excessive mobility in the neck while you heal.
  • Some degree of swelling and bruising can be expected for a few days after neck lift surgery.
  • Any discomfort can be alleviated with medication.
  • You will need to wear a compression garment both to the face and neck to control swelling and keep the neck stabilized.

Neck Lift Results

Individual results will vary but for many patients, results from neck lift surgery are immediately apparent, but it will take several weeks before the optimal effects of the procedure are noticeable. The best results will appear once the residual swelling has subsided.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation for neck lift surgery, please contact Aspira Plastic Surgery online or by phone at (512) 730-3885. Dr. Erella can answer your questions and discuss your treatment options.