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Returning to Work After Liposuction | Austin, TX

So you’ve decided to have a little liposuction done to get the shape in your body you want. How long will you be out of commission? When can you return to work? The answer depends on the kind of liposuction procedure, as well your general pain tolerance.

If your procedure was done under general anesthetic, you’ll need to be observed in a recovery room until it’s determined there are no significant problems, such as low blood pressure or dizziness. If your procedure was done under local anesthetic, you’ll generally be able to go home in 30 minutes to an hour.

If your incision was closed with stitches or sutures, you’ll need to return the next week to have those removed. If no sutures were used to close, your recovery time will be quicker.

Generally after a local anesthetic procedure, you’ll be able to return to a desk-type job within two or three days. The more areas in which you had liposuction, the more you will have soreness and tenderness, but your ability to work through such discomfort will determine how fast you can move while at work.

General anesthetic procedures and returning to more manual-labor intensive jobs will require more time to heal. The decision to return to work for these situations should be made in consultation with your surgeon and medical team.

With decades of experience, our double-board-certified plastic surgeon has the expertise to find the treatment that is right for you. If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, contact Aspira Plastic Surgery and Med Spa at (512) 686-0012 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erella.

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