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SmartLipo ? Laser Liposuction Procedure Austin

Experiencing weight issues? Make the Smart choice ?? SmartLipo! Convenient and effective, SmartLipo is a form of laser liposuction that also gives you smooth, firm, toned skin by promoting collagen growth.

After your SmartLipo procedure, the targeted areas will experience immediate results: less fatty tissue and a more-toned look. Within the first two weeks, you??ll see even more firming of tissue and reduction of fat. The process will be complete after six months, and the figure you??ve been dreaming of will become a reality.

So if you want to get rid of jowls, saddlebags, love handles, and more, make the Smart choice! Discuss SmartLipo with Dr. Venkata Erella, an experienced cosmetic surgeon in the Austin area. Make an appointment by contacting our office today!

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