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The Advantages of SmartLipo Over Traditional Liposuction

Are you close to your goal weight but can’t seem to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat? SmartLipo™ could be the right body contouring treatment for you. It is designed to help an individual who is very close to their healthy BMI to remove stubborn pockets of fat from areas like their abdomen, their thighs, and their arms. It is not designed for individuals who are obese since it will not help them lose weight. It will help a person who is close to their healthy BMI have the attractive contour they want that they cannot achieve through diet and exercise alone.

What Are the Benefits of SmartLipo™?

The main benefits are seen when you look at what differentiates SmartLipo™ from traditional liposuction. The primary differentiating factor is the inclusion of laser energy. The lasers that are used during the SmartLipo™ procedure have a positive impact on the fat and the skin in and around the treated area. It improves the end results and the recovery times.

Laser energy is used to melt the fat that is being treated. Since the fat is liquefied, it can be suctioned out of a smaller cannula than what is used during traditional liposuction. This drastically reduces the amount of tissue that is disrupted during the procedure. At the same time, the laser will tighten the skin around the treated area. This encourages the skin to contract and leads to a smoother body contouring result.

Even SmartLipo™ patients will need to have some recovery time. But the recovery time with SmartLipo™ is drastically reduced when compared to traditional liposuction. Nerves and connective tissue are not irritated to the same extent with SmartLipo™ as they are with traditional liposuction. Most people are able to get up and move around and even go back to work one or two days after having the procedure performed.

Schedule a Consultation

SmartLipo™ is an amazing procedure that has helped many individuals get the sculpted body they want in an effective way. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us in Austin to learn more about the procedure. We also happily serve clients in Round Rock and its surrounding areas. There’s no need to struggle any longer trying to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat on your body.

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