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Tighten and Tone with a Tummy Tuck

It’s 4:30 AM, and your alarm is sounding. It is reminding you that it is time to get up and go to the gym. You have been following the same fitness routine for the past few years. You exercise religiously. You opt for healthy choices instead of junk food. Doughnuts, soda and other sugary drinks are not on your agenda. Instead, you focus on solely drinking water. You would think that with all the sacrifices that you’re making, you would have abs that would land you on the cover of a health and fitness magazine. Unfortunately, just the opposite is the case. Even though you are at your ideal weight, your midsection is still full of bulges. You would give just about anything you could to have a tight stomach. If this describes your situation, you may be interested in learning more about the power of a tummy tuck.

Why You Should Consider a Tummy Tuck

Consider a tummy tuck if you have done just about everything that you can to get a thin and trim stomach, but you still are not getting the results that you want. Maybe you are recovering from a pregnancy, or maybe you were overweight but have lost the excess pounds thanks to a diet and exercise routine. Despite your hard work, you still have excess skin and fat that refuses to go away. The flat stomach you want doesn’t seem like an option.

Liposuction will provide some benefits, but it only works to help you get rid of unwanted fat. If you really want to take your cosmetic surgery to the next level and want to tighten your muscles and get rid of excess skin, then a tummy tuck is the way you should go.

How Does the Tummy Tuck Procedure Work?

The procedure works by finding a tailored solution for each patient based on their needs and goals. The procedure is designed to get rid of unwanted fat as well as tighten up loose skin. It can also tighten the muscles along the abdominal wall. Many patients choose to combine this procedure with liposuction or breast augmentation, providing a complete makeover for their midsection.

If you have excess abdominal skin and stubborn pockets of fat that leave you feeling less than stellar about your appearance, or if you’re not happy with the way that your body looks even after you’ve lost a great deal of weight, then learning more about a tummy tuck could be worthwhile.

This procedure has also provided many benefits for those who have loose skin and weakened abdominal muscles after giving birth.

If you’ve been consistently dieting and exercising to no avail, a tummy tuck could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Our skilled plastic surgeon can help you learn more about this popular procedure at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Austin. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out if a tummy tuck is right for you!

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