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Tighten the Sagging Skin Around Your Eyes with Eyelid Surgery

Have you ever wondered what makes the skin around your eyes sag? The answer can be attributed, at least in part, to the reduction in the level of collagen and elastin that the body produces at it grows older. Elastin is a substance that gives the skin the ability to bounce back to its former position when pressure is exerted on it in the form of stretching from being pulled on or from normal movements.

Collagen is what gives the skin its fullness. With both of these two products at lower levels than they once were, the skin can become loose and begin to sag due to the lack of collagen. It also will not retract to where it once was because of the lack of elastin. When this happens around the eyes and eyelids, they will begin to droop.

Another contributing factor to sagging skin around the eyes is the fatty deposits around the eyes. They are there to provide some padding between the eyeball and the skull. The fat is held in place by membranes that can weaken with age. The weaker membranes will no longer adequately hold back the fatty substance, allowing it to move forward into the eyelids. The muscles that work the eyelids will also weaken as time goes on. As a result, the eyelids will not be held in place as effectively as they once were. All of these factors combined will lead to an older look.

If you have sagging skin around your eyes and would like to do something about it, you might want to consider eyelid surgery. It is done by removing the excess skin and pulling the remaining skin tighter. During the procedure, our surgeon may also remove some of the excess fat that has moved into the eyelids.

Eyelid surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. This means you do not need to stay overnight in the hospital. Since this is a surgical procedure, some downtime is involved. It is important to take it as easy as possible during this time for optimal results.

Eyelid surgery can be done on both the upper and lower eyelids, depending on the situation. If you have sagging skin around your eyes or sagging eyelids, make an appointment at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Austin. During this meeting, you can get all the facts about eyelid surgery. Offering a variety of procedures ranging from breast augmentation and laser lipo/SmartLipo to liposuction, a facelift and a tummy tuck, we happily serve clients in the Round Rock and surrounding areas. Contact our office in Austin today to schedule a consultation!

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