What to Know About Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

Losing weight is a goal for many different people. It helps them to feel confident and live healthier lives. If weight loss is done in a controlled, healthy fashion then it can be beneficial for overall health and lifestyle. Some people lose weight naturally through diet and exercise, while others choose to undergo bariatric surgery to lose weight. Either way, sometimes major weight loss can create new body concerns.

Often people who undergo major weight loss are left with saggy, deflated skin in different body areas. Dr. Erella has been helping people who have undergone major weight loss tighten and reshape their bodies for over a decade. If you are dealing with unsightly concerns from losing weight, contact Dr. Erella at Aspira Plastic Surgery to learn about your options.

What is Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Erella offers post-bariatric plastic surgery for patients in and around Austin, Texas. This surgery entails procedures that help to contour the body for patients dealing with loose, sagging skin after major weight loss. Bariatric surgery helps overweight people to lose weight quickly, which makes it hard for the body to adapt to the new size. Post-bariatric plastic surgery contours the body to create the desired appearance.

Candidates for Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

The body adapts to weight in multiple ways. Most notably, when the skin stretches to accommodate weight gain, then loosens when weight is lost. When weight loss is done slowly, over a longer period, the body can adapt. When done quickly, the body does not adapt as well and creates unsightly contours. For patients who have loose, flabby skin after major weight loss, post-bariatric plastic surgery can help. It is important to be healthy and at a stable weight before undergoing these surgeries s that optimal results can be achieved.

What Is Done In Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery?

The different types of procedures that are available for post-bariatric plastic surgery include:

Body Lift

A body lift is a comprehensive procedure that gets rid of excess, loose skin as well as tightens the remaining skin to create a slimmer contour of the trunk. This procedure can be done on the upper part of the body or the lower part of the body to address the major areas. The most common body lift procedure is a circumferential tummy tuck, also called a 360 body lift or a lower body lift.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess loose skin on the abdomen and tightens slack abdominal muscles. The abdominal region is one of the most difficult areas of the body to tone, so this procedure can be a great option for many patients.

Arm Lift

The arm lift surgery addresses loose, excess skin the upper arms that create the appearance of “bat wings.” This surgery can tighten the skin on the arms for a toned look.

Breast Procedures

After losing weight, many women suffer from sagging or deflated breasts. A breast lift and augmentation can help to re-create the perky, youthful breasts that have been missing.

Bra line/Back Lift

This procedure removes excess skin and fat that bunches up around the bra line in the upper back. This space is tightened to give a smoother appearance.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift helps to remove stubborn, inelastic skin from the medial or lateral side of the thighs. This process can also recontour the thighs for a firmer and toner look.


Weight loss isn’t always able to get rid of every pocket of fat on the body. Liposuction can remove stubborn pockets of fat almost anywhere on the body.

Preparing For Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery

When getting post-bariatric plastic surgery, it is important to be in good health, at a stable weight, and to be committed to a healthy lifestyle. By talking with Dr. Erella at Aspira Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas, he can recommend the best procedures for you and discuss how to prepare for them.

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