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When to Opt for Breast Reconstruction

You have been riding the roller coaster of life lately. You feel like you don’t know which way is up or down. You’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. You’ve gone through the surgery to remove your breasts and treatments. It has been an overwhelming and frightening time. You’ve had to make many decisions, from whether you should have a double mastectomy or not, to what you need to do to treat your disease. Now you need to think about breast reconstruction. Is it the right choice for you?

Breast Reconstruction is a Personal Decision

Having breast reconstruction surgery in Austin is completely up to you. No one can make this choice but you. As you see your body without breasts for the first time, it is sure to be startling. You may feel extremely self-conscious. Your new body may make you feel less attractive. It can affect your relationship with your partner. Breast reconstruction could help you to feel like yourself again. It allows you to pick yourself up again and feel better about your body.

When is a Good Time to Have Breast Reconstruction?

You can have breast reconstruction surgery immediately after your breasts have been removed or you can give yourself time. Some women want to have their breasts in place right away. Others would prefer to get through their treatments. Breast reconstruction will involve downtime as your body heals. You will need to limit your physical activity and take good care of yourself. It is not a decision to be taken lightly. Of course, our surgeon will help you throughout every step of the process.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon in Austin

If you have had a mastectomy or you will have one soon, breast reconstruction could be right for you. Make an appointment to talk to Dr. Erella at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa about your options. You can learn more about the procedure itself, what your breasts will look like after breast reconstruction, and what you can do to have the best possible experience. Breast cancer can be traumatic. Choosing to have breast reconstruction surgery in Austin can help you to get past this difficult time in your life. Let our talented plastic surgeon help you to make this important decision.

Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Austin happily serves clients in Round Rock. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for breast surgery.

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