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Which facial injectable is right for me? | Austin, TX

If you would like to erase the signs of aging but prefer something less invasive than facial plastic surgery, then injectables may be right for you.

These non-surgical treatments take less an hour to complete, require little recovery time, and the results can last years.

If you’d like to revitalize your appearance without the surgery, Aspira Plastic Surgery and Med Spa has some options you should consider: BOTOX??, Dysport??, Juvederm??, Radiesse??, and Restylane?? .

BOTOX?? is one of the most widely utilized cosmetic procedures in the world. By blocking the signals your brain sends to your nerves, BOTOX?? prevents contraction of face muscles and eliminates wrinkles. When performed by a medical professional, this procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Like BOTOX??, Dysport?? removes facial wrinkles by blocking the nerves. Dysport?? boasts faster results than BOTOX?? and doesn’t not require anesthesia.

Juvederm??, Radiesse??, and Restylane?? are dermal fillers that rejuvenate your appearance with substances that occur naturally in the body. Juvederm?? and Restylane?? remove deep lines using hyaluronic acid. Radiesse?? is used between the nose and mouth to increase your body’s production of collagen, allowing for long lasting results.

If you think one of these treatments may be right for you, contact Dr. Erella. With decades of experience, our double-board-certified plastic surgeon has the expertise to find the treatment that is right for you.

If you’re in the Austin, Texas area, contact Aspira Plastic Surgery and Med Spa at (512) 686-0012 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erella.

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