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Losing a substantial amount of weight is not only an impressive accomplishment, but it also can significantly reduce your risk of disease. Of course, depending on where those pockets of fat are located, everyone’s body responds differently to weight loss—some will lose significant amounts of fat from the abdomen. In contrast, others tend to lose more from the buttocks and thighs.

Unfortunately, despite your successful weight loss achievement, you may find yourself disappointed by an excessive amount of loose, droopy flesh and skin now left hanging. Not only can this negatively affect your appearance, but it also affects your quality of life and self-confidence.

There are two cosmetic procedures double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Venkata Erella recommends for addressing these pockets of fat across regions of the body that do not respond to any amount of diet and exercise:

  • 360 Body Lift, which is crafted to tighten loose skin or flesh around the body, particularly the lower back, buttocks, and thighs.
  • Tummy Tuck, which is designed to remove excess fat from the abdominal area.

Are you curious about the differences between the procedures? Let’s take a more detailed look at the similarities and differences between the two surgical procedures.

360 Body Lift vs. Tummy Tuck Comparison Table

Procedure Focus Area Ideal Candidates Procedure Goals Recovery Time Key Benefits Considerations
360 Body Lift Abdomen, hips, lower back, buttocks, and mons pubis Individuals with significant weight loss, resulting in excess, sagging skin around the lower torso Remove excess skin and fat, tighten loose skin around the lower torso for a toned appearance Varies; often longer due to the comprehensive nature of the surgery Comprehensive transformation of the lower body, more natural and contoured physique More extensive surgery covering multiple areas, longer recovery time
Tummy Tuck Abdominal area only Individuals with excess abdominal skin and fat, possibly with weakened abdominal muscles (e.g., post-pregnancy) Remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen, tighten abdominal muscles for a firmer, smoother stomach contour Generally, patients return home the same day; full recovery takes weeks Firmer, smoother belly; can improve functional issues like back pain and posture Focused on abdominal area, may include muscle repair (muscle plication)

Which Procedure Is Best for Me?

The decision between having a 360 body lift or a tummy tuck depends on:

  • the areas of concern
  • the elasticity of your skin
  • your ability and willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If your weight loss efforts are not yielding results across a large section of your lower body and you are seeing an excessive amount of sagging fat and skin with poor elasticity, a 360 body lift may be the best solution for you.

On the other hand, a tummy tuck is the best choice for patients committed to achieving a flatter, firmer abdominal area and who can maintain the results of their surgery by following a healthy lifestyle.

Still Not Sure Which One Is Best for You?

Dr. Venkata Erella at Aspira Plastic Surgery in Austin, TX, performs both of these surgical procedures. Based on your concerns about your body, he will identify the best procedure for you and tailor it to achieve your desired goals.

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