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Dr. Venkata Erella is highly qualified, well-respected, and double board-certified from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. With more than 20 years of experience as a practicing plastic surgeon in Austin, his belief in comprehensive care, great results, honest communication, and patient safety, there is a reason that Dr. Erella is considered to be one of the best plastic surgeons in Austin, TX.

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Many choose to have a breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. While some may want to restore their pre-pregnancy breast shape, others desire larger breasts to improve their appearance and self-confidence. Women with smaller breasts may want to have breasts that are more in proportion with the rest of their body.

Breast augmentation provides women with the perfect surgical option for providing beautiful, confidence-boosting results.

As women age, their breasts naturally begin to sag, especially if they have been pregnant or have nursed a baby. A breast lift, or mastopexy, can provide beneficial results by lifting the breasts removing excess skin, and tightening the surrounding tissue. Adding an implant will give more desired volume prportional to the body.

The breast can also be reshaped by repositioning the nipple-areolar complex and contouring the breast’s overall shape, resulting in firmer and more youthful-looking breasts.

While many patients were initially happy with their breast augmentation, implant deflation, rupture, change in breast symmetry, or the desire to change implant type or size may prompt one to consider a breast revision or implant removal.

Though patients may be happy with their implants’ look, they may have developed safety concerns requiring replacement or removal.

To achieve a breast size more in proportion with her body, a woman may consider breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty. Removal of excess breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue will help her achieve a breast size that is more in proportion with her body along with lift.

Women with large breasts may also suffer from back and neck pain, skin rashes around the breasts, difficulty finding comfortable bras and clothing, and even exercising. A breast reduction looks to address all of these issues.

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The abdominal area is particularly vulnerable to the effects of pregnancy, childbirth, and other stresses that affect the muscles, fat, and skin. These effects may leave one dissatisfied with their figure.

Abdominoplasty, also known as the “tummy tuck,” is a popular cosmetic surgery that helps flatten and shape the abdomen. By thinning fatty deposits, tightening muscles, and removing excess skin, it effectively reduces the waistline.

A less extensive version of this procedure is the “mini-tummy tuck,” which removes excess belly fat and skin from below the belly button. This operation requires less recovery time and does not remove as much excess skin as the traditional procedure. Abdominal muscles are not tightened in this procedure.

Liposuction has become an extremely common and popular minimally invasive cosmetic body procedure for both men and women who wish to improve their body shape and definition in a pleasant, aesthetically pleasing manner.

Through the use of a small, thin tube called a cannula, liposuction’s primary purpose is to improve the body’s appearance by removing excess fat from localized areas of the body.

SmartLipo™ removes stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise by using a combination of precise medical lasers and a vibrating power-assisted cannula.

Being especially optimal for patients who want to experience the added benefit of the skin tightening this treatment offers, the minimally invasive SmartLipo™ has become the preferred method for reducing trauma, which shortens recovery time. It offers long-lasting results, that dieting or exercise alone cannot provide and it can be done under local anesthesia in the office.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing can all take their toll on a woman’s body, often bringing unwanted changes to the belly and breast areas. These can also cause muscles to distend and skin to stretch.

mommy makeover is not a single procedure, but a course of cosmetic treatments planned together to address a host of post-pregnancy concerns. The precise nature of a mommy makeover would typically be a tummy tuck paired with breast augmentation, but it is always customized to every patient’s requirements.

The circumferential tummy tuck, also called a 360 body lift, removes excess skin from the abdomen, buttocks, and hips. This option aims to give the entire torso a more toned and slimmer look.

360 Body Lift surgery is especially useful for both men and women who have lost significant amounts of weight and now have excess skin and fat on their lower body.

Arm and thigh lifts, or brachioplasty procedures, are popular plastic surgeries for patients with excess upper arm and inner thigh skin and fat, typically caused by weight loss and aging. This surgical procedure will tighten and shape these areas, resulting in patients finally being able to wear properly fitting clothing.

Bra line or upper back lift surgery, also known as torsoplasty, serves to remove excess tissue and to tighten loose skin from the back.

Significant weight loss, frequently referred to as post-bariatric weight loss surgery, can result in a unique set of aesthetic problems caused by lax skin. As a result, patients with this condition might be unable to fully enjoy the benefits of their new and healthy lifestyle.

A range of individual solutions can take care of this sagging skin. These include the body lifttummy tuckarm and thigh liftsliposuction, and SmartLipo™, to name a few.

A variety of options fall under the umbrella term “cosmetic gynecology,” each addressing a particular aspect of a women’s vaginal structure.

Cosmetic gynecology aims to address each of these concerns to enhance vaginal function, comfort, sexual experience, aesthetics, and more.

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The facelift, regularly combined with a necklift, is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures. It is exceptionally effective at tightening and lifting facial skin while eliminating loose skin and other signs of aging.

Neck lift surgery can give a firmer and significantly rejuvenated appearance to the neck where the loss of elasticity and excess fat is affecting the patient’s self-esteem. When combined with a facelift, this procedure provides a complete cosmetic rejuvenation.

Eyelid lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, surgically reduces excess eyelid skin and fat. Due to the natural aging process, heredity, and other factors, upper and lower eyelid skin can sag and become loose and inelastic.

Apart from giving a wrinkled appearance, this loose skin can even obstruct one’s vision. Repositioning and removing these tissues can make the eyes appear far younger and more alert.

The primary goal of a surgical skin cancer treatment is to remove cancerous skin cells. Dr. Erella will examine the source of your concerns and develop a strategy to remove the growth, if needed.

It is vital to always keep in mind that repeated UV radiation exposure from the sun is the most common cause of skin cancer with tanning booths and sun lamps, also adding to the risk. If you believe you may be at risk, please contact Dr. Erella immediately.

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