What qualifications should I look for in a plastic surgeon?

You should always look at a surgeon’s credentials, education, professional memberships, and board-certification status to determine if the surgeon is a good option for your needs. Board-certification signifies that a surgeon has passed rigorous testing and exhibits a high standard of patient care in the eyes of some of the most respected and renowned medical organizations. Dr. Erella is double-board certified in both surgery and plastic surgery. He has also completed Fellowship training in aesthetic surgery, which is an extensive extra period of training in addition to the requirements for a plastic surgeon to practice. You should also make sure you feel comfortable when discussing your needs with a prospective plastic surgeon. You should feel that there is positive communication between you and that he or she answers your questions and seems to truly have your best interests at heart.

This ultimately depends on each individual patient and their goals for treatment. For instance: some patients may benefit from facial plastic surgery procedures to attain significant facial rejuvenation, while others may be able to attain their goals with less invasive skin renewal treatments. Dr. Erella prides himself on being extremely honest with his patients, and will discuss all of your options with you at your initial consultation.

Once you meet with Dr. Erella, he will talk with you about your goals and perform a comprehensive evaluation. Once he has an idea of your physical makeup, he will be better able to determine if you are a good candidate for specific procedures.

Dr. Erella works with reputable financing companies that can help qualified applicants offset the cost of treatment with low-interest monthly payment plans.

Our team at Aspira Plastic Surgery will make every effort to ensure you experience as little discomfort as possible. Many invasive surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia, while others, including laser liposuction and non-surgical treatments, may need only local anesthesia or none at all. Ultimately, post-procedure discomfort varies from procedure to procedure. Our team at Aspira Plastic Surgery will help to reduce post-operative discomfort by providing pain medications and guidance for a smooth recovery.

Your recovery period will depend on which specific procedures you undergo. More invasive surgery will typically require a longer period of downtime to fully heal, perhaps a week and sometimes more. Less invasive surgery, such as injectable treatment or laser skin rejuvenation, usually do not require extensive recovery times.

Dr. Erella is an extraordinarily skilled and experienced plastic surgeon and will work diligently to minimize the appearance of scarring. In many procedures, incisions can be very small and discrete so as to be virtually unnoticeable. In others, there may be more noticeable scarring; however, Dr. Erella will make every effort to make it as light as possible.

Some patients would like to address a number of aesthetic issues in different areas at one time. In fact, mommy makeovers are typically composed of a combination of treatments. As with any plastic surgery procedure, safety is always the most important thing. Dr. Erella will evaluate you during your initial consultation to determine the safety of a combination aesthetic enhancement procedure. In cases where that may not be the best option, Dr. Erella can often perform staged procedures which help you attain a comprehensive makeover over a series of appointments.