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Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction in Austin, Texas

Women who feel that their breasts are too large for their bodies should not feel ashamed or embarrassed. However, if having overly large breasts is causing feelings of physical discomfort or lack of self-esteem, women should know that breast reduction surgery can effectively reduce the size of the breasts and allow them to be in better proportion with the rest of the body. Dr. Venkata Erella offers a number of breast reduction techniques that can help you achieve your goals and feel better about the way you look.

If you would like more information on how breast reduction surgery can help, or if you would like to schedule a breast reduction consultation with Dr. Erella, please contact our practice by calling (512) 730-3885 today.

Dr. Venkata Erella is a Fellowship-trained plastic surgeon in Austin, indicating his commitment to extra training in cosmetic surgery and more developed expertise in procedures like breast reduction.

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What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a way to improve both physical and psychological problems often associated with having breasts that are too large for your body. Overly large breasts cause many women to experience excessive drooping or sagging of the breasts, neck, shoulder, and back pain; bra-strap indentations; the inability to wear desired clothing and self-consciousness about their appearance. Breast reduction surgery can help reduce the problems listed above and create a better proportion for the breasts. Also, please note that breast reduction is a procedure that is sometimes covered by insurance.

Am I a Candidate?

Candidates for breast reduction typically include patients who are in reasonably good physical and emotional health, and:

  • Patients who feel they have breasts that are too large for their bodies, and would like to renew their proportions.
  • Women who are experiencing discomfort and/or self-consciousness caused by having overly large breasts.
  • Patients who suffer from pain in the neck, shoulder, and/or back due to overly large breasts.
  • Patients who suffer from bra-strap indentations and/or the inability to wear desired clothing because of overly large breasts.

Dr. Erella will meet with you in a private consultation to discuss all aspects of breast reduction. At this initial meeting, you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have, and Dr. Erella address your concerns.

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Breast Reduction Procedure

During the breast reduction procedure, Dr. Erella will make an anchor-shaped incision from the nipple area down to the crease of the breast. He will then remove excess skin and tissue from the breast, reduce the size of the areola and reposition the nipple. Dr. Erella will reshape the breasts for a more desirable size and contour, and then close the incisions. Dr. Erella will make every effort and use his considerable expertise to minimize scarring after surgery.

The traditional breast reduction procedure typically takes about three to four hours to complete, and it can be performed as an outpatient. Some women may not require a full breast reduction surgery to meet their goals.

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Dr. Erella

Personalized Care. Honest Approach.

Dr. Venkata Erella is double board-certified, highly respected, and takes a patient-centered approach to care that has made him a valued member of the Austin, TX community for many years. Contact us today to learn how Dr. Erella can help you reach your ideal look!

Breast Reduction Recovery

Patients can expect to resume normal daily activities about one week to 10 days after breast reduction surgery. You will experience some bruising and discomfort for a few days after the breast enhancement procedure; however, any discomfort can be managed with medication. A compression bra will need to be worn for a brief period after surgery. Dr. Erella will advise you not to engage in strenuous activity or heavy lifting for a period of about three to four weeks after breast reduction surgery. Our office will supply you with specific post-operative instructions to help you recover smoothly and effectively.

Breast Reduction Results

SmartLipo™ is a minimally invasive procedure with less pain, bruising, swelling, and a quicker recovery. Most SmartLipo™ patients enjoy a recovery in three days and can go back to their routine work. They will, however, require a compression garment for two weeks.

Dr. Venkata Erella is an expert in SmartLipo™, Liposuction, and many other amazing cosmetic procedures. Learn more about SmartLipo™ in Austin, Lakeway, and Bee Cave, TX, by calling 512-730-3885 or request a consultation with Aspira Plastic Surgery Today!

Breast Reduction FAQs

A breast reduction will not always affect your ability to breastfeed and most women can breastfeed without significant challenges. Talk with your surgeon about future plans to breastfeed so they can determine the best techniques for you to minimize your risks.

When performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, breast reduction is a safe procedure. However, like with any surgical procedure, there are always some risks of infection and complications. Following your surgeons’ pre and post-care instructions can help you minimize these risks.

A breast reduction does not typically involve the use of implants. Breast implants are used to increase the size of the breasts during breast augmentation. However, if a severe asymmetry is present, a breast implant can be used along with a breast reduction on one breast to achieve balance.

Schedule A Consultation

Please contact Aspira Plastic Surgery online or call (512) 730-3885 to schedule a breast reduction consultation. Dr. Erella will be happy to address any concerns you may have, and help you decide if this is the best option for your needs. Serving Austin, Round Rock, and Lakeway, Texas.

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