Male Body Contouring

Male Body Contouring in Austin, TX, with Dr. Venkata Erella

Losing large amounts of weight is an extraordinary step forward for men who are on the road to healthier lifestyles and slimmer physiques. Whether you have lost weight through bariatric surgery or through strict diet and exercise, it’s very common for men to be affected by loose folds of inelastic skin and excess fat pockets in a variety of body areas.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Venkata Erella, MD offers a full range of aesthetic enhancement procedures that can effectively reduce excess fat and tighten your skin in the affected areas. With post-bariatric and after-weight loss body contouring treatments, Dr. Erella can help you complete your body’s transformation and give you a more fit and toned-looking appearance.


How Men Can Benefit from After-Weight Loss Body Contouring Surgery

After-weight loss body contouring procedures include an array of treatments designed to minimize the appearance of loose skin folds and fat deposits in just about any body area. Many of these treatments result in tighter, smoother skin and a more contoured and athletic look to the body.

At Aspira Plastic Surgery, we offer customized treatment plans for men, taking into account your specific goals and providing you with procedures that will best meet your needs. Our after-weight loss treatments include:

Each patient’s results will vary, so Dr. Erella will meet with you in a private consultation to discuss your goals and create a treatment plan. He will also go over all aspects of procedures that may be the most beneficial to you, and answer any questions you may have.