A breast augmentation can be a solution to larger, more symmetrical breasts but the idea of recovery can be daunting for some. Your recovery is important not only to your health, but to achieve optimal results from your procedure. By following a few tips, you can ensure a successful recovery.

Wear Your Support Bra

Your support bra will be provided to you after your procedure and should be worn around the clock for as long as your surgeon recommends. Your support bra will provide support for your new breasts as well as help to minimize swelling. Although you might be tempted to peek at your incision sites, it is important to leave them covered under your bandages and garments to avoid reopening them. You will also want to wear loose fitting shirts that can fit comfortably over the support bra and will not require you to raise your arms too high to put on.

Take the Proper Time off Work

After your breast enhancement procedure, you might be eager to get back to your daily life and work, but it is important to take the proper time off to heal and recover at home. Getting enough rest is essential to your body’s healing process. You should plan to take at least a week off work after your procedure, but if your job is more strenuous, you might need more time. You should also have a designated caregiver for the first few days at home to assist you with anything you need.

Follow Restrictions Carefully

You will be required to follow some physical restrictions after your breast augmentation procedure. Your surgeon will provide you with a timeline for what you can and can’t do. In general, you should avoid movement that might cause the breasts to bounce such as running and jumping until you’ve fully healed. Other movements that target the chest such as lifting should also be avoided to prevent incisions from reopening.

Your plastic surgeon is your best source for recovery information. To help ensure your procedure and recovery go smoothly, choose a board-certified plastic surgeon you can trust! To schedule your consultation with Dr. Erella, contact our office today.

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Breast augmentation is the most popular surgical procedure to date, and with good reason. This breast procedure can do wonders for a woman’s confidence, creating a more proportionate body silhouette and helping clothing to fit better. When thinking about breast augmentation surgery there are many things to take into consideration, including the type of breast implant. Read on for a breakdown on the two most popular implants used today: saline and silicone.

Saline Implants

Saline has been used to enhance the breasts since the 1940s, and saline implants are still very popular today. These implants are available to women over the age of 18, and are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. These implants are filled after they are placed into the breast pocket, so a smaller incision is often possible. However, implant rippling is more common with saline implants.

Silicone Implants

The first silicone implant was created in 1961 and they are now used throughout the world. These implants are filled with a silicone gel, and offer the feeling of natural breast tissue. Because silicone implants are pre-filled, a larger incision may be required to place them. However, silicone implants are much safer than they used to be, and are the most commonly used implant today. Women must be 22 years or older to receive silicone breast implants.

There are pros and cons associated with each type of implant, and the type that is right for you will depend on your individual anatomy and desired breast surgery goals. To learn more about breast augmentation in the Austin area, contact Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa today at  (512)730-3885 to schedule a consultation.

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