Gynecomastia is a common condition that can affect men at any age. In some instances, such as during puberty, gynecomastia will go away on its own. But for others, especially those that are older, the condition can continue to linger! Luckily, gynecomastia can be treated with a few different male breast reduction techniques.


Stubborn fat can be difficult to remove with diet and exercise alone. When this stubborn fat is present in the breast area, it can give the appearance of enlarged breast tissue and affect your body balance. During a male breast reduction, liposuction techniques can be used to remove stubborn fat cells. Tiny incisions will be made in the sides of the breasts where a cannula can be inserted to break up and gently suction out your excess fat. If your gynecomastia is mild to moderate, the liposuction technique will likely benefit you for a more masculine chest.

Tissue excision

If your gynecomastia is caused by a significant amount of excess skin and tissue, surgical excision may be required. In this technique, an incision will be made around the areola or within the natural breast crease. A greater amount of glandular tissue and excess skin can then be removed to treat gynecomastia. This technique is usually recommended if your enlarged breast tissue is severe or if sagging skin is present due to weight loss or other factors.

Maintaining your results

Liposuction, tissue excision, or a combination of these techniques can give you a toned chest and eliminate your gynecomastia. However, it’s up to you to ensure that your results are long lasting. By maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, you can help ensure that your new contour is there to stay!

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Gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue, is very common among men and can affect the way they view themselves. A male breast reduction uses several different techniques to help you achieve a flatter, more masculine chest! Keep reading to find out when it might be time for gynecomastia surgery.

When Enlarged Breast Tissue is Hurting Your Confidence

If you feel uncomfortable going shirtless because of your enlarged breast tissue, it might be time for gynecomastia surgery. No matter what degree of gynecomastia you’re facing, a male reduction can help you achieve the figure you want. Some men only have slight puffiness in the breast area, while others might have more severe sagging. The appropriate techniques will be used depending on your specific concerns and their severity.

When You’ve Tried Diet and Exercise

You should always try diet and exercise first when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat. Being within your ideal weight range is an important first step to getting the procedure. However, for many individuals, it is not enough to relieve stubborn fat deposits in the chest area. When this happens, a surgical procedure is often the most effective option.

When You’re Ready for a Surgical Procedure

Gynecomastia surgery often involves a combination of tissue excision and liposuction techniques. Some recovery and downtime will be required after the procedure and any strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks. While gynecomastia involves a fairly short recovery, it’s important that you are ready to take it seriously in order for your body to properly heal. You should also be in good health with no conditions that would affect your healing process.

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