Combining a Tummy Tuck with a Body Lift

What is a Tummy Tuck?

As the name implies, a tummy tuck is designed to remove excessive skin and/or fat from the tummy region. It can be used to restore muscles that have weakened over time or that have separated. The result is an abdomen that looks smoother, flatter and firmer.

Many people turn to tummy tucks because the flat, toned abdomen look is what most people are striving to attain with their weight control. Unfortunately, diet and exercise are not always enough to give a person that flat look they want on their stomach.

There are many individuals who exercise, have great weight control and still as a result of aging, pregnancy, weight fluctuations or prior surgery, have an abdomen that protrudes or that looks loose and saggy.

Tummy tucks are not designed to be a substitute for weight loss. They do not replace an exercise routine and results can be diminished if you do not keep yourself active and in good shape.

What is a Body Lift?

A body lift is also designed to give your body that firm appearance you want after dieting and exercise. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who diet and exercise but are left with stubborn pockets of fat all over their body.

So, while these individuals have lost a lot of weight, they’re not able to go out and buy those formfitting pieces of clothing they want. And if a person has a lot of excess skin, they might be vulnerable to skin infections. This leaves people feeling uncomfortable, self-conscious and disappointed.

A body lift is designed to address excessive fat, tissues and the loose skin that just won’t go away after a person has lost a substantial amount of weight. Depending on where the surplus skin is, a person might get an upper, middle or lower body lift. Some people benefit from a total body lift.

This is a procedure that is extremely customizable. It is designed to address whatever needs the patient has. Often times, it is combined
with a tummy tuck for optimal results. However, it depends on the situation, as well as the client’s wants and needs. During a consultation at our office in Austin, you can get all the facts about these procedures and how they can be used together.

Learn More About Combination Procedures

A tummy tuck and a body lift are procedures that can work very well together. Our team at Aspira Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Austin will be able to advise you on what steps you will need to take to get the most out of either a tummy tuck, a body lift or a combination of both. Our office is located in Austin and we also serve clients in the Round Rock and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!