Reduction Mammaplasty ? Austin Scarless Breast Reduction

Reduction Mammaplasty

The size and weight of a woman??s breasts can be a detriment to her emotional and physical well-being. If you??re in need of reduction mammaplasty, commonly known as a breast reduction, it??s best to find out more about your options.

If excess fatty tissue in the breasts is the main reason for the reduction mammaplasty, liposuction may be used without excision of skin and glandular tissues. This is called ??scarless? breast reduction. It does result in a scar, but it is a quite small one compared to those created by the other reduction mammaplasty techniques.

The best way to find out which reduction mammaplasty options are right for you is speaking with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Venkata Erella. Dr. Erella will be happy to answer any questions you may have. To set up an appointment, contact our office today.

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