Types of Breast Lifts

A breast lift can give your breasts a youthful, firmer look by removing excess skin for sagging, deflated breasts. There are several different breast lift techniques your surgeon can use depending on the amount of skin needed to be removed, existing tissue, and your personal goals. Often a breast lift will be performed along with the insertion of breast implants.

Crescent Lift

The crescent lift technique is for women who have a small amount of excess skin and sagging. For this type of lift, a small incision is made around the top half of the areola edge. Because this is such a small incision, you will have minimal scarring from the breast enhancement procedure. This technique is often used if the patient is already having a breast augmentation.

Donut Lift

If you experience a mild amount of excess skin and sagging, your surgeon might choose the donut lift technique. A circular incision is made around the edge of the areola and is also often done at the same time as a breast augmentation. This technique can also be used to reduce the size of the areola.

Vertical/Lollipop Lift

This type of breast lift is for women who need more reshaping done to their breasts and a moderate amount of loose skin removed. For this technique, one incision is made around the edge of the areola, and another is made running vertically from the bottom of the areola, down to the breast crease. This forms the lollipop shape that gives this technique its name.

Inverted T/Anchor Lift

If you have a large amount of loose skin and more severe sagging, you and your surgeon will probably decide the anchor lift is best for you. With this technique, your surgeon will be able to remove a significant amount of loose skin and sagging tissue. Three incisions are made: The lollipop incisions (around the areola and down to the breast crease) plus another incision along the breast crease.  Although this technique results in the most scarring, it will also give you the most significant results. This technique is often used along with a breast reduction.

If you experience any degree of sagging and loose skin, you and your plastic surgeon in Austin might choose one of these techniques to give you the breasts you want. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Erella, call (512)730-3885.